The Market Map

Best BaaS Providers 2021

Your comprehensive guide to the burgeoning Banking-as-a-Service market. Who does what, who operates where, who runs on who, who’s regulated and who’s the best fit for your needs.

Embedded Banking

BaaS providers — and, by extension, the BaaS market — have emerged to build the bridge between banking and brands.

Linking banking with consumer brands is not new, but the speed and cost of doing so is what has changed with BaaS. Consumer brands have long seen the potential of distributing banking services. Some built banks. Others created deep partnerships with banks to white-label their products. But these were expensive, long-term projects with high switching costs.

As an aid to navigating this complex space, we have put together The Market Map for BaaS providers.


“After reading the report, a decision maker will be able to determine which BaaS providers are able to meet their use cases in the location where they operate, but also which will enable the company to achieve their business objectives – whether adding a service to enhance an existing value proposition or using banking to springboard a more fundamental change in their business model.”

Simon Torrance
Founder of Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies

Who is this report for?

Brands considering embedding finance into their proposition to understand which platforms can meet their use case needs.

Regulated financial firms assessing potential partners for Banking-as-a-Service.

VCs / Private Equity and buy-side analysts looking at making Banking-as-a-Service investments.

Strategists interested in understanding the opportunity behind embedded finance and how it is transforming financial services distribution.

What you can find inside

The Market Map, provides a digital age framework to help decision makers select the right platform to meet their strategic needs. The Market Map is a proprietary methodology that assesses platforms on the basis of the ability to enable business model innovation and their ability to enable technology innovation.

The report also includes extensive information for each provider about services offered and geographies covered – all compiled using publicly available information, complemented by a proprietary RFI process.