Igniting Entrepreneurial Sparks, w/ Michel JORDI

When it comes to business, are you all about market research or do you go with your gut? For Michel Jordi it’s the latter — and following his intuition led him to start five groundbreaking watch companies. Michel is known for shaking things up in a traditional industry through innovative design and enviable marketing. Andy Warhol came to his New York launch party, People Magazine featured Michel on its cover and the event marketing strategies that Michel used for his launch publicity are still being used today by the best marketers. Today, your host, Ben Robinson, sits down with Michel to talk about his book, “Ignite That Spark: 10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship”. You will hear all about Michel’s fascinating personal story, as well as his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, including his ‘lucky clover’ framework that will tell you whether your business idea will sink or swim.