Embedded Finance in SaaS platforms and marketplaces

In our latest white paper, jointly authored with Swan we present a critical analysis of the current financial landscape, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and freelancers. It offers decision-makers in SaaS platforms and marketplaces a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities in embedded finance.

embedded finance

Embedded financial services improve banking for SMEs

Our research highlights a significant disconnect in traditional banking: they often fail to meet the specific needs of SMEs and freelancers. Our findings indicate that only a small share of SMEs are fully content with their banking relationships. Interestingly the disconnect is not solved by neobanks.

However, the rise of B2B Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers is offering a new solution to the problem. These entities can integrate financial services within software platforms or marketplaces, offering a more tailored approach to SMEs’ and freelancers’ banking needs. Our survey of 1,200 SME operators and freelancers across Europe reveals a strong preference for financial services that are seamlessly integrated into familiar, non-financial platforms.

Why this report?

For leaders in the SaaS and marketplace sectors, our white paper is not just an exposition of the problem. It provides actionable insights and strategies. We delve into case studies and outline best practices for integrating embedded banking services, highlighting the potential for significant ROI improvements and enhanced user experience.

We invite you to download our white paper for an in-depth exploration of these critical developments in the financial sector. Empower your decision-making with a forward-thinking approach to financial services, tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs and freelancers.

Embedded Finance Swan whitepaper

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About Swan

Swan is a European fintech and innovation leader in embedded finance. Swan’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform is the easiest way for companies to embed banking features. Via its simple APIs, European companies can integrate banking services (accounts, cards and payments) quickly and easily into their own product.

Founded in 2019, Swan processes around 750 million euros of transactions per month, for 100+ companies across ten European countries. Swan has over 150 employees and is led by fintech experts and experienced entrepreneurs Nicolas Benady, Nicolas Saison and Mathieu Breton. The company was founded with the startup studio, eFounders, and has received growth capital from leading VC investors such as Lakestar, Accel, Creandum, and Bpifrance.

About Aperture

Founded in 2019 in Switzerland, Aperture invests in, and works alongside, founders of the most promising early-stage companies in Embedded Finance and Enterprise Applied AI.

With a global expert team spanning financial services, technology, strategy, product and marketing, Aperture provides value-added embedded services to its portfolio companies, accelerating product-market fit and growth.

By leveraging its unique, long-term service engagements with startups, Aperture gains privileged insights into team dynamics, sales pipeline and customer success. This “inside-out” due diligence enables Aperture to make investment decisions based on deeper assessments and better-informed convictions. As well as balance sheet investments, Aperture also syndicates investments to a network of co-investors.