Forward to Nature

Climate change is a real and human created, existential threat which can only be tackled with sustainable progress rather than cutting back. This will inevitably require increasing rather than reducing consumption but in a manner that doesn’t damage the environment. It is possible to do this via increased energy use provided it is emissions free; economic growth, provided that knowledge and wellbeing are the goal and via a massive increase in computation to understand natural, complex systems which are computationally irreducible. Just as movements of capital and information have migrated to interconnected networks, we believe something akin to the internet of energy will emerge as a focus of this progress.

Forward to Nature. Neither back to nature, regress and suffering, nor continued progression towards environmental disaster.

This manifesto is designed to show from physics principles that energy consumption is not the problem, it is the solution, provided it is the right type of energy; why waste is part of life and can only be managed, not eliminated; that what we mean by growth is increased knowledge and that only a true understanding of how natural systems work will enable us as a species to protect our environment.


Increased energy consumption without climate change


Economic growth without environmental damage


Increased knowledge & understanding of nature via computation

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