New business models and revenues

Seamless integration of financial services unlocks new revenue, improves user experience and strengthens your brand positioning.

We work with corporates on three levels, based on our investment themes:


Developing strategic options to take advantage of the embedded finance and AI opportunities and mitigate potential threats.


Mapping the landscape in terms of potential partnerships, investments or acquisitions.


High level design of new services.

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What we do

We are the end-to-end consulting and implementation partner for brands who intend to increase revenues, strengthen their value proposition and drive their digital transformation.

How we do it

Research and benchmarking

We rapidly make you experts, benchmark your competitors and explore the client needs in your business. All of this is accelerated by our market knowledge and existing research publications.

Value proposition design

Map out the new revenue opportunities. Lead an evaluation and decision process with you and your clients to filter out the most promising opportunities that are value creating, have a willingness-to-pay and differentiate your brand.

Partner selection

Shortlist partners and lead the evaluation discussions based on our value proposition requirements. Design and negotiate the partnership model. Leverage our network and industry connections to ensure due diligence, partnership reliability and capabilities.

Execution model concept

Define the team, process and IT requirements to accelerate implementation with orchestration platforms. Prioritize roll-out across markets, channels and calculate financial expected impact. To further de-risk: Create a hypothesis and validation plan with pilots.

Support solution development

Project manage, staff, scope and mediate the IT implementation. Leverage our deep understanding of the value proposition and our connections to highly specialized implementation partners to ensure a smooth execution of the embedded finance strategy.

Conceptualize and lead Go-to-Market

Design the messaging framework, channel strategy and matching marketing collateral. Lead the campaign management and incentive schemes for users, sales and marketing teams.

Additional scope

Our focus is embedded finance and we work to support companies to grow in and around all of our selected market hypotheses:

  1. Embedded finance
  2. B2B-SaaS FinTech
  3. AI in Finance

In these segments, we provide strategy consulting focused on venture building, go-to-market strategy, digital solution implementation and financing.