Investing in new markets

We work with the best founders and we invest capital alongside our network of investors, in the most promising early-stage companies.

A new approach to investing

We believe in the technology of tomorrow, and so does our network. We don’t approach investments like other VCs. We embed in the company we are evaluating through our services engagements. It gives us access to privileged insights into team dynamics, sales pipeline and customer success. This “inside-out” due diligence enables us to make a better informed, deeper assessment than conventional due diligence.

Is your portfolio fit for the future?

Aperture Capital delivers a powerful combination of product and market expertise, investment insight and deep start-up collaborations unseen elsewhere in the market. We work with a select number of qualified investors who are keen to diversify their investment portfolio and gain access to exclusive, highly selective, deal flow. Access to our investment community is by application or referral only.


Embedded Finance

Embedded finance, integrating wealth, credit and insurance services
Embed derivatives, such as currency options, into everyday services
Leading UK-based challenger bank and Banking-as-a-Service provider
Lending-as-a-service orchestration platform allowing business lenders to create data-driven lending products
Embeds insurance in Vertical SaaS platforms enabling the distribution of insurance solutions
Provides mission-critical technology and infrastructure to the world’s leading financial and non-financial institutions
Provides an orchestration and engagement platform for gamified financial services
The power of collective intelligence of a certified community to measure the impact of companies, beyond ESG

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

System of intelligence used to automate and streamline business communications
A University of Cambridge spin-off using deep tech to transform how the world produces and consumes regulatory information
Provides highly specialized AI services and technology solutions

FinTech SaaS

Provides highly specialized AI services and technology solutions

FinTech SaaS

We invest at the right time

We believe in our clients and our ability to make them succeed, so we put “skin in the game” by investing funds from our balance sheet into companies which match out theses.

When our team of marketing and strategy experts are onboard, we know we can find a company its first customers, help them grow exponentially and deliver the reach required to succeed.

Once the flywheel of growth is in motion and our portfolio raise additional rounds of capital, we syndicate our allocations to an, invitation-only, group of participants via individual SPVs.

Let’s invest together

If you’re looking to invest capital in fast-growing private companies, drop us a note.