A future-focused investment network

Backing early-stage technology companies with the potential to transform markets.

A new approach to investing

We believe in the technology of tomorrow.

We invest capital alongside our network of investors and deliver a combination of product, market and investment expertise unseen elsewhere in the market.

How we work


Our marketing platform acts as a pull for deal flow, drawing in companies, typically through referrals from venture capitalists or our current clients, who are eager to leverage our go-to-market expertise. In assessing these companies, we concentrate on their unique distribution capabilities, robust business models, innovative technology, the strength of their teams, and how well they align with our investment theses


We embed ourselves deeply in the company, providing product, market and strategy expertise while conducting invaluable “inside-out” due diligence


We put skin in the game, investing funds from our own balance sheet, aligning with the interest of our investors and portfolio companies


Our team of experts stays on board to help the company find its first customers and deliver the reach required to succeed


As the “flywheel of growth” starts turning and the company raises additional capital, we syndicate our allocations to an invitation-only group of investors

Is your portfolio fit for the future?

Aperture Capital works with a select network of investors who are keen to diversify their investment portfolios and access exclusive deals.

Why invest with us

Small ticket sizes

Typically starting from EUR 10k.

Competitive fees

Low set-up fee and competitive carried interest on exit, with no annual fees.

A future-focused community

Regular online discussions, events and direct founder interaction.

Go-To-Market Health Check: Portfolio Market Alignment

As investors, ensuring our portfolio companies are strategically positioned for market success is paramount. Aperture’s Go-To-Market Health Check service provides a month-long intensive program specifically designed for this purpose. It involves a deep dive to refine and optimize market strategies, laying a solid foundation for growth and market leadership​​. This comprehensive service includes extensive market and company research, identifying unique company differentiators, and culminates in a workshop to develop a robust go-to-market strategy tailored to the company’s specific needs​.

Go To Market 2

Our portfolio

Embedded Finance

Embedded finance, integrating wealth, credit and insurance services
Embed derivatives, such as currency options, into everyday services
Leading UK-based challenger bank and Banking-as-a-Service provider
Lending-as-a-service orchestration platform allowing business lenders to create data-driven lending products
Embeds insurance in Vertical SaaS platforms enabling the distribution of insurance solutions
Provides mission-critical technology and infrastructure to the world’s leading financial and non-financial institutions
Provides an orchestration and engagement platform for gamified financial services
The power of collective intelligence of a certified community to measure the impact of companies, beyond ESG
System of intelligence used to automate and streamline business communications
A University of Cambridge spin-off using deep tech to transform how the world produces and consumes regulatory information
Digital infrastructure built for asset managers that centralizes all fund back-office operations and stakeholders
Ripple is the leading provider of crypto solutions for businesses.
Tuum is a cloud-native, next-generation core banking platform built on decades of industry expertise.
Lab 1 is the leading exposed data intelligence platform that can tell you what you don’t know, quicker than anyone else.
The Custodian digital platform provides effective tooling to seamlessly solve the complexities of car ownership.
OpenSolar is the world’s first free, end-to-end, solar design and sales application, providing solar professionals with a highly sophisticated software tool.
The Meetings Hub is a patented all-in-one Financial Advice Meetings Management Platform that allows firms to prepare, run and follow up meetings.

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

FinTech SaaS

Provides highly specialized AI services and technology solutions

FinTech SaaS


Aperture Capital SA is not a venture capital fund or fund-of-funds platform. It is itself an investor in early-stage companies, which chooses to syndicate some of its allocations to a small network of additional investors.  Aperture Capital SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aperture SA.  Find out more here.

A syndicate is simply a way for investors to pool resources, giving access to deals that might otherwise be inaccessible to smaller investors. For each investment opportunity, Aperture Capital sets up a syndicate which is usually in the form of a simple partnership governed by a partnership agreement (Terms of Syndicate), or in the form of a trust arrangement where a nominee entity acts as a trustee and is governed by a trust agreement (Syndicate Trust Agreement). These legal agreements set out the rules amongst Aperture Capital (the Deal Manager / Lead Investor), the trustee (where applicable) and other investors, including fees.  Typically, Aperture Capital or the trust will acquire and hold the stake in the target company in its name and investors will share in the economic interest, including the profit or loss when the stake is sold.  The syndicate is administered by a third party that provides easy online access to documentation and conducts compliance checks on all investors.

Syndicates allow private/individual investors to access the opportunities in private markets and construct their own diversified portfolios.  While a typical VC fund might have a minimum investment of $250,000, syndicates may have tickets sizes of $15-20k, allowing investors to gradually build a portfolio with a much smaller initial outlay. Syndicates also typically have lower fees, as there is no formal fund or corporate structure to administer.

Aperture’s model is unique as Aperture SA has typically worked with and inside target companies, providing marketing and strategy expertise while performing “inside out” due diligence. As a result, Aperture has unparalleled insights into the company’s potential and may also have exclusive or preferential access to capital raises.

Aperture Capital typically invests in early-stage private companies via small equity stakes or convertible shares.

Investors should be prepared to hold their investment until there is an “exit event” like a refinancing round, trade sale or IPO. At this point, the decision to sell may be made by all investors in the syndicate (full exit) or by individual members (partial exit).  Depending on the terms of the specific partnership or trust agreement, it may also be possible to sell or transfer your share to another investor.

Investing in early-stage companies generally involves a high degree of risk. You may not get back the amount you invested and may not be able to exit the investment at a time of your choosing.  You should consult an independent adviser and refer to the risk factors in the documentation for each deal.

Our network of investors is small and we like to know everyone.  If you are interested in applying, please fill in the form and we will get in touch. It may help to speed up the process if you include the name of a referee or introducer  – perhaps someone who is already part of our network or is otherwise known to Aperture.

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