Boost your fundraising efforts

Our fundraising package provides everything you need, from financial readiness checks to pitch perfection, all in one place.

Time is of the essence

Equity raises consume a significant amount of founders’ time.  And you may only have one chance to convince investors. Getting input from experts will increase your chances of success and free up capacity to let you focus your attention where it’s most needed – running your business.

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Building Investor Trust:
The Key to Success

A compelling story, told succinctly is crucial to draw investor attention. We will provide you with the tools and guidance needed to cultivate a compelling investor narrative. A killer narrative, pitch deck, financial model and well-prepared answers to FAQs are essential for wowing investors during the pitch phase.

How we do it

Refine your Story:

Our team specializes in crafting a unique and compelling equity story that resonates with investors and sets you apart. We understand the nuances of startup storytelling and work diligently to ensure your narrative showcases your startup’s potential, vision, and value.

Navigate the Pitch Phase:

First impressions matter. Our pitch deck design service ensures that your first interaction with investors is impactful, memorable, and persuasive. We combine aesthetic appeal with strategic content placement, creating a pitch deck that not only looks great but also tells your story effectively.

Structure the Deal for Success:

A solid business case is the backbone of your funding efforts. Our experts work with you to develop a comprehensive and robust business case, outlining your business model, market opportunity, financial projections, and strategic plan. This ensures investors have a clear understanding of your startup’s potential and the roadmap to success.

Why Choose Aperture for Fundraising?

Our fundraising package offers the optimal combination of investor perspective, startup knowledge, storytelling prowess, and investor relations to kick-start your fundraising efforts. With efficient templates, processes, investor lists, and a consulting team dedicated to creating  solid business cases, we know what investors are looking for and how to play right into the fundraising process.

Ready to Kick-Start Your Fundraising Journey?

Our team is ready to bring their marketing and deal-making expertise to the table, ensuring you have the support you need to navigate your funding journey successfully.