Global Impact Rankings 2023

The Global Impact Report takes an annual snapshot of company impact data, using the Impaakt data platform. Impaakt relies on the collective intelligence of more than 300,000 trained community members to source and rate the relative importance of factual information about companies’ impact on the planet. The Impaakt community has identified a total of 76 Social and Environmental topics for the 77 industries mapped by the Sustainable Accounting Standard Board (SASB).

Collective Intelligence

The rankings are compiled using collective intelligence, from the Impaakt platform. Impaakt relies on more than 50,000 trained community members to source and rate the relative importance of factual information, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the framework.


The companies that have demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability, innovating and implementing strategies that positively influence the environment and society. Through their products and services, these companies provide real solutions that positively impact people and the planet.


The companies that have shown a comparatively lower level of commitment to environmental and social issues. These entities’ activities cause significant environmental damage and harm to consumers, communities, and society.

A fuller picture

A first-of-its-kind analysis of the companies having the most positive and negative impacts on the planet, created by our portfolio company, Impaakt.

We’re all consumers, investors or employees. This report gives you the information to act. To hold companies to account.

Your actions matter

We can’t only rely on governments to take action. You can contribute. By rewarding the companies acting positively with your custom, your investment or you services. Or even by joining the Impaakt platform. Learn more in the report.

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