Harness the power of networks and networked consumers

The most successful companies used to be those that maximized production efficiency to lower unit costs.

Now, the companies that thrive are those that, directly or indirectly, leverage the power of networks.

At Aperture, we focus on those services that help companies like yours create, design, build, and launch networked businesses.

We work with a new generation of ecosystem-based financial services companies –  marketplaces, challenger banks, systems of intelligence that capitalize on network effects to deliver ever-increasing value to their customers and partners. We work with companies who value their mission, ethics, and take pride in challenging the norm.

We also work with Direct-to-Consumer brands that make networked consumers an integral part of their business to help them to improve and sell their product or service.

Will we work with you?

Market analysis

Understand the driving forces in your industry and beyond, from market shifts to changing consumer expectations and habits.

Business model design

Design a business model rooted in real customer needs that makes use of tech to drive growth and not the other way around.

Investor relations

Work with experienced strategists to carve out a reliable path for growth and get the support you need from your investors and other stakeholders.

Content marketing

Empowering you to produce authentic, insightful content at scale, building brand at the same time as creating leads.

Product marketing

Producing the right messaging in the right form to reach right buyer personas and stakeholders.

Precision marketing

Changing the odds and maximizing the chances of success on in-flight and future deals.

Sales enablement

Providing your salespeople with the tools and the collateral to be at their most successful.

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