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Strategy in the Post-fixed Costs Economy

Evaluating strategic options in a world where businesses have never been easier to start, but never been harder to scale

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Transitioning to a Multi-polar World, with Michael O'SULLIVAN

We sit with Michael O’Sullivan, author of “The Levelling” and former CIO of International WM at Credit Suisse

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4 x 4 virtual salon

Post-Pandemic Wealth Management

We discussed the outlook for post-pandemic wealth management, together with: Keith MacDonald (EY); Christine Schmid (additiv); James Dunne (Santander UK); Michael O’Sullivan (ex-Credit Suisse).

Produced in association with The Wealth Mosaic

4 x 4 virtual salon

Cybercrime & fraud in the age of COVID-19

We discussed the changing nature of cybercrime & fraud in the post-pandemic world, together with: Jordan Brandt (Inpher); Yuval Porat (Kazuar); Paddy McGuinness (Brunswick); Mohamed Ourdane (POST Luxembourg).

Capitalize on market shifts in the networked era

From strategy to pricing. Product design to organizational design. Branding to go-to-market strategies, we’re here to help you unleash the power of networked consumers and capitalize on market shifts. Get to know us.

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Meet the people shaping the new world

We sat down with Garrett Cassidy, CEO and Co-founder of Trezeo – a UK-based financial services platform for independent, self-employed workers in the gig economy. We unpicked Trezeo’s business model and the network effects loops that underpin it.

For companies that break the mold

From our experience, we have noticed that the companies that thrive in today’s world have a few things in common.

They’re resilient, truly agile, and have a deep understanding of their customers’ mindset and habits.

As a strategic consultancy, we work with companies that understand that high-quality work takes craft, focus, and a willingness to break free from formulaic approaches to strategy.

We work with our clients to cultivate marketplaces, systems of intelligence, challenger banks and direct-to-consumer brands underpinned by offering the best possible customer experience, at scale. 

For our latest episode of Structural Shifts, we are in conversation with @IanHathaway - analyst, strategist, book author and entrepreneur. We discuss the importance of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and how to foster them.


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