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Digital era banking systems

The banking software market is reconfiguring around the demands of the digital economy — and value is accruing to new Systems of Intelligence.

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Network Effects in FinServ

Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by: Evgenia Plotnikova (Dawn Capital); Martin McCann (Trade Ledger) and Oliver Prill (CEO at Tide Bank).

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On November 20th we had the pleasure to host a presentation followed by a panel discussion with Laetitia Vitaud, renowned writer and speaker about the Future of Work. The event focused on the themes from Laetitia’s latest book, entitled “Du Labeur à L’ouvrage” (from Labour to Work), which deals with the rise of craftmanship or, more broadly, the shift away from fixed employment to a more flexible world of freelancing and crafts.

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From strategy to pricing, from product to organizational design, from branding to go-to-market, we’re here to help you unleash the power of networked consumers and capitalize on market shifts. Get to know us.

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For companies that break the mold

Companies that thrive in today’s world have a few things in common.

They’re resilient, truly agile, and have a deep understanding of their customers’ mindset and habits.

We work with companies that know high-quality work takes craft, focus, and breaking free from formulaic approaches.

Our clients build marketplaces, systems of intelligence, challenger banks and direct-to-consumer brands underpinned by offering the best possible customer experience, at scale.

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Podcast on network effects in #fintech.
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Transcript: https://link.medium.com/oK69St7pf2

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/ch/podcast/network-effects-in-financial-services-w-evgenia-plotnikova/id1461661436?i=1000458065132&l=en

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Nqy86U5jQC2BSG6qdo6KM?si=2VTfSdyDQCOzSUxDs-VNwQ

Un grand merci 🙏 à @vitolae d'être venue à la rencontre de l'Etat de Genève @GE_Lab pour échanger sur le futur du travail lors de son passage en 🇨🇭(& thanks @aperture_hub for the intro 👍). Très bref article et références ici ➡️ https://www.ge.ch/blog/geneve-lab/flash-laetitia-vitaud-futur-du-travail-evolution-emploi-6-12-2019

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