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Digital era banking systems

The banking software market is reconfiguring around the demands of the digital economy. The result is a trend of value accruing to new Systems of Intelligence.

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Network Effects in FinServ

Ben Robinson is joined in conversation by: Evgenia Plotnikova (Dawn Capital); Martin McCann (Trade Ledger) and Oliver Prill (CEO at Tide Bank).

Meet us in the physical world

On November 20th we had the pleasure to host a presentation followed by a panel discussion with Laetitia Vitaud, renowned writer and speaker about the Future of WorkThe event focused on the themes from Laetitia’s latest book “Du Labeur à L’ouvrage” (from Labour to Work). Released earlier this year, the book deals with the rise of craftmanship or, more broadly, the shift away from fixed employment to a more flexible world of freelancing and crafts.

Capitalize on market shifts in the networked era

From strategy to pricing. Product design to organizational design. Branding to go-to-market strategies, we’re here to help you unleash the power of networked consumers and capitalize on market shifts. Get to know us.

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For companies that break the mold

From our experience, we have noticed that the companies that thrive in today’s world have a few things in common.

They’re resilient, truly agile, and have a deep understanding of their customers’ mindset and habits.

As a strategic consultancy, we work with companies that understand that high-quality work takes craft, focus, and a willingness to break free from formulaic approaches to strategy.

We work with our clients to cultivate marketplaces, systems of intelligence, challenger banks and direct-to-consumer brands underpinned by offering the best possible customer experience, at scale. 

Great analysis from the @aperture_hub team on the challenges of competing in a zero marginal cost world when your "best customers aren't your best customers".

https://medium.com/aperture-hub/is-spotify-the-new-moviepass-cc0f86c46ebc https://twitter.com/DanColceriu/status/1221897129393868800

“The Internet, not Open Banking, is Revolutionising Finance” by Roger Vincent

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